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Mezzanine World, based in South Africa is a hands-on mezzanine floor manufacturing specialist company offering a highly personal touch in designing and building your flooring system. We have been in the business of crafting structures for many years.

Furthermore, they are consistently more competitively priced than lesser quality installations thanks to the accuracy and efficiency of our computerised mezzanine floor production system. We help you achieve that extra space your business needs, without the expense and inconvenience of relocating.

We provide a complete service, from initial quotation through to all stages of mezzanine floor production: including design, manufacture and installation.
We supply industrial mezzanine to the trade and the general public across South Africa and Africa. With our mezzanine floor construction we are always conforming to the highest standards as well as the giving client’s budget and requirements our consideration.

We have branches around South Africa thereby ensuring that there is well experienced team ready to attend to mezzanine quoting, design and installation in your area!

Our experience in the industry has enabled us to gain knowledge and expertise in handling and creating mezzanine systems for all manner of sectors and functions. We’re proud to have put our name to flooring in the manufacturing and warehouse sectors, as well as office and retail zones. From industrial storage space to beautiful, showcase and work areas, we relish the opportunity to design and install bespoke mezzanines for any scenario.

Our team consists only of experienced and knowledgeable technicians and engineers, capable of manufacturing the perfect arrangement. We also have a team dedicated to ensuring installation goes without a hitch.